Prodsmart Delivers Advanced Features
for QuickBooks Users

Prodsmart integrates with QuickBooks

Enhanced Shop Floor Management Capabilities

  • Cost-effective solution with all the features you need, and none of what you don’t need.
  • Simplify compliance, taxes, and communications with your accountant.
  • 100% compatible with QuickBooks Online and Desktop solutions.

Real-Time Data

Leverage Prodsmart to collect shop floor data in real-time and feed it directly into QuickBooks.

Explode Multilevel BOM
and track revisions

Production management

Manage and track orders from end-to-end, including during production process.

  • Plan effectively to meet production targets.
  • Balance workload and keep up with execution.

Inventory and stocks

Check inventory and stocks and get inventory summary reports from QuickBooks, right on your Prodsmart

Visualize Workflows

  • Visualize workflows for better management.
  • Identify bottlenecks.
  • Set priorities and avoid overload.
  • Increase productivity and seamless workflow.
  • Continuously improve production system.

Scheduling and Planning

Advanced production scheduling and planning features

Generate Production Reports in Real-Time

  • Generate reports in real-time to understand different aspects of your operation: by Workers, Groups of Workers, by Section, Product, Groups of Products, etc.
  • Include data from your Quickbooks inventory management solution
  • Create custom parameters to track your production process.
  • Leverage aggregated reports to cross-reference data from multiple sources.
  • Manage the batches of finished product that are ready to send to your clients and the ones you already sent.

Works on All Platforms!

Prodsmart works the way you work - on the go or in the office. Get all the production data you need, when you need it, on any mobile device or desktop. With Prodsmart, you always have real-time insight into shop floor productivity.

Production Floor Tracking & Visibility
in Real-Time!

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