Manufacturing Books Review: The Toyota Way

The Toyota Way - Manufacturing Book

We’ve been writing a lot about Manufacturing Trends, Quality Management and Lean Definitions. And what about books? What is our team currently reading? Which are the best manufacturing-related books they have read? Let’s dig in and explore some book suggestions in our new “Manufacturing Books Review” series. And what better way to start our new than with one classic?

If you haven’t heard about The Toyota Way, you must at least be familiar with Toyota Motor Corporation brand, an automotive giant.

The Toyota Way is a list of rules followed by Toyota, summing up their approach on management and manufacturing. They define the company’s philosophy and are supported by two major thoughts: continuous improvement and respect for people.

The Toyota Way is now also a book, which won both the Institute for Industrial Engineers Book-of-the-Year award and the Shingo Prize. Divided in for sections (Long-Term Philosophy; The Right Process Will Produce the Right Results; Add Value to the Organization by Developing Your People and Continuously Solving Root Problems Drives Organizational Learning), the book states the 14 principles of The Toyota Way.

Why do we recommend The Toyota Way?

This book will give you some guidelines and ground rules on how to manage a successful Manufacturing business The Toyota Way, but it also includes some practical ideas and examples from other companies, making it easy for you to implement them in your own business.

What will you learn from The Toyota Way?

  • How to speed up your manufacturing business
  • How to implement or improve a quality management system
  • How you can eliminate wastes and improve your products
  • How you can build a team and improve employees engagement by respecting them

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