Professional Services & Training Courses

Prodsmart offers a full suite of support and consulting services for manufacturing
organizations looking to overcome the complex everyday challenges.

We work closely with our clients, focused on delivering real benefits, across four different areas of expertise.

Prodsmart provides analysis services for companies looking to have a deeper understanding of their own operations and performance.

To perform this assessment, a team of experts will carefully evaluate your company, doing a deep and complete analysis of your environment and working processes. The assessment usually consists of performing documentation analysis, interviews, field trips and on-site analysis. It might take several days depending on your needs, operation size and areas covered.

By the end of the assessment you will be provided with a detailed report containing all the findings, including relevant strengths and weaknesses, as well as a set of suggestions for improvement.

Operational Improvement

Prodsmart is the right partner for companies looking to change their operations in order to improve efficiency, reduce waste and increase their products quality.

By gathering the expertise of several years working with manufacturing companies and by benchmarking with industry best practices, we help our clients develop and implement production methods (e.g. Lean Manufacturing) that balance flexibility and cost goals while delivering superior performance and competitive advantage.


Business Intelligence

With the arrival of the Information Era, companies can now have more data about their activities than they ever had. Unfortunately, too much information can be paralyzing and most organizations don’t know how to handle that enormous amount of highly complex data and turn it into valuable information.

Our experts in Business Intelligence & Big Data can help your organization make sense of all that information to create useful insights that will help you and your organization make better strategic and operational decisions.

Technical Consultancy on the Prodsmart Platform

Prodsmart also provides technical consultancy on its flagship product: the Prodsmart Platform. Our experienced technical consultants can take the usage of the Prodsmart Platform one step further into a more customized and tailored experience.

We can help you connect the Platform with other systems like an ERP or CRM, connect your machines to gather production data directly from the shop floor without any human interaction, create custom dashboards, custom reports and create fully custom-made features to better serve your business needs.


Advisory Services for Factory Digitalization & IT

With several years helping factories going digital, Prodsmart can help you set up a successful IT strategy and support you on the change needed in order to implement your full scale factory digitalization efforts.

We have experience helping customers choosing the right software to meet their needs, defining the strategy to take when implementing new technologies and helping optimize operations by getting the most out of currently implemented technologies;


Prodsmart Academy

We offer high quality training to individuals and companies looking to raise their knowledge and competence with essential skills for success.



  • Workplace Organization with 5S
  • Lean Manufacturing Basics
  • Total Productive Maintenance Foundations
  • Project Management Foundations
  • Process Analysis & Improvement Techniques
  • Performance Measurement in Manufacturing Organizations


Custom Training

Besides our current training portfolio Prodsmart Academy also creates tailored training according to your company needs.
We have experience helping customers choose the right software to meet their needs. By defining the strategy to take when implementing new technologies, we help to optimize operations and get the most out of currently implemented technologies.

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