Remote by Design MES

Keeping you competitive. No matter where you are.

Built to be Remote


  • Remote sales process, from demonstration to the final negotiation and acquisition.
  • Remote implementation and set up of the software, by a team of lean manufacturing specialists, designed to ensure a premium customer experience.
  • Built to give remote access to shop-floor information, anytime from anywhere.


Benefits of using Prodsmart


  • Keep the communication flowing between your teams, from shop floor to remote workers.
  • Manage your team and operations in real-time, with accurate information from every production order that is happening in your shop floor.
  • Identify potential issues in an early stage, applying preventive and corrective measures.
  • Schedule and plan your production in order to maximize your resources and meet your production targets.
  • Track and manage your inventory of products and raw materials.

Useful features for a Remote Factory


  • Real-Time Dashboards and Reports
  • Real-time chat
  • Announcements
  • Calendar and Production Scheduling and Planning
  • E-mail notification if a specific parameter in your production is not according to a specific threshold

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