Meet our Customer Success Team

The end of 2019 and the beginning of this year has been the time to get our customer success efforts straight! Our Customer Success team is now bigger and our processes are well-oiled and improved, in order to give our Customers what they deserve: The best experience regarding technical knowledge and lean manufacturing expertise.

We would like to introduce our Customer Success team to you, our Lean Manufacturing Experts and the ones responsible for keeping our Customers happy!




Filipe Pereira

Filipe Pereira is currently the Head of Customer Success team.
Filipe has been with Prodsmart since 2015, after almost four years of experience as a Consultant and Trainer in Process Improvement, part of it at a Big4.

Márcia Monteiro

Márcia is one of our Lean Manufacturing and Customer Success Specialists.
Márcia has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and four years of experience as a Specialist and Consultant in Kaizen Methodologies. Márcia has joined our team in 2019.

Pablo Cisneros

Pablo has a degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s in Management and Services, specialized in Industrial Management.
Pablo has experience in Logistics, Quality and Continuous Improvement in textile and aviation manufacturers. He is also a Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma.
Pablo has joined Prodsmart in 2019 as a Lean Manufacturing Specialist and Customer Success Manager.

David Andrade

David has a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. While writing his thesis, he started an Internship as a Researcher in Bangkok, Thailand. There, he also taught English to Buddhist monks. David recently joined Prodsmart as a Junior Customer Success Manager. He loves statistics, data science and farming.

João Camacho

João finished his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2018. While in college, João was highly involved in a European Technology Students’ NGO and has worked as a Soft Skills Trainer. After a one-year internship as a Product Development Engineer in the largest Portuguese cork manufacturers, João joined Prodsmart as a Junior Customer Success Manager.


To sum it up, out Customer Success team will do what it takes to make sure that the implementation of Prodsmart in your factory is successful.

Because we consider each customer special and unique, our team starts by analyzing and engaging with each customer, in order to clearly understand their productive processes, needs and goals for the Prodsmart Project.

The team will customize a roll-out plan for the implementation of Prodsmart, helping the customer in every step of the way, from the technical setup to identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies and suggesting improvements and corrections.

Our team will host training sessions whenever they are needed. They have also been preparing a set of interesting articles that will help you to navigate around our software.

If you have any other specific questions, we also have a 24/7 support chat available in the platform.

To learn more about Prodsmart and how our Customer Success team can help you, sign up now!