Meet our Customer Success Team
Meet Prodsmart team
The end of 2019 and the beginning of this year has been the time to get our customer success efforts straight! Our Customer Success team is now bigger and our processes are well-oiled and improved, in order to give our Customers what they deserve: The best experience regarding technical knowledge and lean manufacturing expertise.We would like to introduce our Customer Success team to you, our Lean Manufacturing Experts and the ones responsible for keeping our [...]
Strategies for Effective Manufacturing Labeling
Amazing Manufacturing
As supply chains grow ever bigger and more complex, worldwide manufacturers are dealing with challenges at a scale unheard of in the past. Competitive pressures, new stipulations from governments and regulators, merchandise coming back and market evaluation pressures have combined to make a perfect storm. Manufacturers are more and more duty-bound to hunt competitive advantage through potency and value reduction measures. Among obtainable choices, labeling technology offers several opportunities for manufacturing firms to tackle rising [...]
MRP vs. ERP: What You Need to Know
The manufacturing industry requires a great deal of organization to ensure production is maintained at an optimum level, and order fulfillment is handled expediently. To do this, manufacturers generally need an intricate organizational system to track sales, production, and inventory.  Each company has its own way of doing this, but it depends on a variety of factors from the size of the company to how sophisticated their production processes are to the industry and market [...]
How to manage your team and operations from home
Effects from Covid-19 have been felt throughout the world, from social to economical aspects. Some people are getting sick, some others are asked to stay home and when it comes to the manufacturing industry, there are a lot of other issues that companies are facing. This crisis started in China a few months ago. Thousands of people got sick, cities were in full lockdown and the economy has slowed down for a while. Since China [...]
Has your factory gone remote? Our tips on remote work
By now, we all know by heart what specialists recommend and the world needs us to do regarding the new Coronavirus, Covid-19: To flatten the curve! This expression, unknown to most of us just two weeks ago, is now the main driver of our lives and behaviors. And how can we achieve it? By practicing social distancing to reduce contamination. Stopping going out with friends or having a Sunday lunch with family are some of [...]
What Is Lean Manufacturing?
Amazing Manufacturing
The underlying principle behind lean manufacturing is rather simple; to continuously eliminate as much waste as possible in the manufacturing process. Reducing waste plays a significant role in maximizing profits and minimizing expenses allowing companies to become more competitive.  The lean approach focuses on capitalizing on a company's resources to get rid of or minimize losses in effectiveness and efficiencies that would otherwise lead to stunted production. These wastes include everything from project management tools [...]
Calculating Total Manufacturing Cost: What You Need to Know
Amazing Manufacturing
It's time to calculate your manufacturing costs!  Yeah, I know. We hear the grumbling. The thought of figuring out your total manufacturing costs can be intimidating. The good news is that it's far from impossible. You don't have to pretend to be an accountant to figure it out.  You also don't want to gloss over what your total manufacturing costs mean for you. If you know what your inventory value is, you can easily figure [...]
Covid-19 | Continuity of our services
Times are uncertain and definitely hard on every company.We won’t have any kind of disruption of activity due to Covid-19 and we will be providing our service as usual. Our team is entirely working from home, where they can simultaneously protect themselves and assure that all our services, from customer support to product development, will be running smoothly and with no interruptions. Contingency plan announcement and health and safety checklists. To help our customers, we [...]
20 Poka Yoke Examples in Real Life
We have already written about Poka-yoke, “a Japanese term which translates to mistake proofing, that can be any mechanism or device that helps an operator to avoid mistakes”. Although Poka Yoke is a lean manufacturing tool coined by Shigeo Shingo in the 1960s, it is also present in our everyday lives. Hoping to help you understand this concept, we have gathered twenty examples of error-proofing on our daily life, which can prevent us from making [...]
How to Avoid a Bottleneck in Production
Amazing Manufacturing
Numerous case studies report the same findings: eliminating bottlenecks can triple your company's results.   Depending on your industry, that may mean: Tripling your salesSlashing your turnoverGetting more product to market on time and increase productivityExplosive growth in customer satisfactionReducing downtimeReducing waste and scrap No matter what it looks like for you, resolving any bottleneck in production that is holding you back, translates in increased agility and efficiency. Keep reading to learn what bottlenecks are and [...]

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