New feature: Purchase Orders Approval Flow

You probably have a specific approval flow for purchase orders in place! This means that a Purchase Order can not be completed without going through a specific set os steps, requiring the acknowledgment and approval of a clearly defined person or sequence of people.

It is now possible to replicate your existing approval workflow on your Prodsmart, allowing for a fast, reliable and well-documented purchase process, by requiring the necessary approvals directly to the right users!


Benefits of having your Purchase Order Approval Flow at Prodsmart

  • Digital Purchase Order Approvals are harder to be missed or to lost by a member of your team;
  • The PO Approval is faster and more agile;
  • By asking for the review of the PO, Prodsmart will initiate a review process and notify directly the first person in the approval flow;
  • Receiving a notification, your team can give you a faster response, enhancing and accelerating the Purchase Process.


How the process works

When a user (which is not an admin) creates a Purchase Order, the Purchase Order “Initial Approval Status” is set as Draft.

These Purchase Orders will automatically appear on the “Open Purchase Orders” tab.


By clicking in “Edit” on a specific Purchase Order, you will open the Purchase Order information screen. The order can be edited until it is approved or rejected and you will also be able to see a blue button, saying “Send to review”.


Once you click in “Send to Review”, the Purchase Order will initiate the previously set approval workflow, which means that every Admin or user with a Purchase Order Leader role, will be able to approve or reject them. To approve a Purchase Order, the user will need to change the status of the Purchase Order to “Confirmed”.

For those users to be notified about the new Purchase Order for approval, it is necessary to create a Purchase Order in Review Alert.

If you want to try our Purchase Order Approval flow, sign up now on Prodsmart.