New feature: The Automated Scheduler

We are very proud to announce a major breakthrough for Prodsmart: The Automated Scheduler.

This powerful tool will simplify your life tremendously and save you time and money by scheduling your entire production with just one click. By automating your scheduling tasks, the Automated Scheduler will boost the efficiency of your Production Management and Planning.

The Automated Scheduler uses finite capacity algorithms to quickly find the optimal schedule for you, taking into consideration your demand, your bottlenecks, and the Production Orders that are currently being made. By matching machines, operations, and workers, our automated scheduler can help you adapt to rapidly changing situations and prevent delays in your orders.

Visual Scheduler
Visual drag and drop scheduler

Now is a great time to remind you of our visual drag-and-drop scheduler, if you haven’t checked it out yet!

This tool allows full control and visibility into your Schedule by giving you the necessary granularity to easily adjust your Production and find out when you are under or over capacity.
From Production Orders/Jobs to Workers, Products and Machines, plan and schedule your operation effectively to meet production targets.

Read more about all the benefits of our Drag and Drop Scheduler here.

If you want to try our Production Scheduling tool, start your free 14-day trial of Prodsmart today.

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