Prodsmart is the SMB manufacturer’s gateway to digitisation.

We want to get any production environment ready for the future of manufacturing. In an Industry 4.0 world that increasingly demands customization, real-time responses and flexible terms, no SMB can afford to ignore digital. Data-driven operations help manufacturers gain insight into their business, increase their responsiveness, and ultimately negotiate from a position of strength.

Digital tools help manufacturers stay competitive and...

  • Reduce waste and scrap
  • Improve processes
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Improve productivity
  • Support lean initiatives
  • “Right-size” resources
  • Cost orders accurately
  • Build business insight and make decisions based on data

We get it: the prospect of revamping your operations for the digital world may sound daunting - a bit like open-heart surgery being performed on your precious business.

And most likely, you’re not even thinking of it as ‘going digital’. You’re probably looking to fix a single problem or use case – like Inventory Management, Quality and Compliance, or Production Tracking. Either of those are perfectly good places to start your digital journey.

but keep your eyes on the prize

We believe that the best way to get started is where you’re at today, and your most pressing issue or use case – because you can’t afford to wait for months until a consultant has developed the perfect model. We start solving problems from day one, and build a digital roadmap that works for you and grows with your business.