Get the #1 user-friendly Manufacturing Software and start tracking and managing your entire production process, from sales orders to shipping, today.


Prodsmart Essentials/Starter Platform

Cover all of your backoffice needs, from sales orders to inventory management.

What's included:

  • Production Orders Management
  • Sales Orders Management
  • Purchase Orders Management
  • Product / BoM Configuration
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Excel Import & Export
  • Inventory Management
  • Customer-supplier portal
  • Standard Integrations (Quickbooks Online, Zapier)
  • Real-time support
  • Continuous Lean Manufacturing Consultancy

Unlimited seats

Unlimited operators

Unlimited devices

$600 /mo

Expand the benefits Prodsmart can provide you by using these additional products

Drag and Drop Scheduler

Have full control and visibility into your Schedule and easily adjust your Production. Find out when you are under or over capacity.

$300 /mo

What's included:

  • Full visibility into your production planning
  • Easily plan your production by dragging operations
  • Filter operations by machine, operator, production order/job or product
  • Locate bottlenecks

MES / Mobile Production Tracking

Track your shop floor production in real-time and understand your overall performance, including bottlenecks.

$500 /mo

What's included:

  • Mobile App & Shopfloor Tracking
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Standard Dashboards
  • Chat, Announcements & Communication Tools
  • Downtime Reasons

Labels & Barcode Scanning

Improve your labeling system and use barcodes for an easy and reliable way to collect information.

$100 /mo

What's included:

  • Production tracking
  • Inventory movements
  • Consumptions
  • Zebra printing support

Lot Traceability

Achieve full traceability in real-time, from raw materials to final products.

$400 /mo

What's included:

  • Traceability
  • Real and Automatic Consumptions
  • Serialization

Quality Management

Stay on top of 
your Quality Assurance and Compliance, digitally managing your Quality System and being audit-ready in minutes.

$400 /mo

What's included:

  • Waste and Waste Categories
  • Quality Analytics
  • Quality Checklists
  • Parameters
  • Quality Policies
  • Document Management System

Work Instructions

Standardize Procedures and avoid Costly mistakes by delivering comprehensive step-by-step digital work instructions to your shop floor team.

$200 /mo

What's included:

  • Supports Multi-images
  • Support Multi-steps
  • Support Documents and text
  • Possibly assigned to Products, Operations
  • Zoomable images


Record and manage preventive or corrective Maintenance orders and requests for a full track of operations and an easier planning of future actions.

$400 /mo

What's included:

  • Single and Recurrent Maintenance Orders planning and management
  • Real-time progress information
  • Maintenance Records
  • Maintenance Checklists and Checklists records

API Access & Additional Integrations

Have access to our API for on-premise integrations with other softwares or platforms.

$400 /mo

What's included:

  • ERP integration
  • Accounting, Finances and BI integration
  • Machine connections and integrations
  • WMS integration
  • CRM Integrations
  • Other softwares or devices

E-commerce and Carrier Integrations

All your orders in one place and shipping solved.

$0.30 /order

What's included:

  • Get orders from Amazon, Shopify, Wayfair, Woocommerce, Walmart, Etsy and more
  • Connect your preferred carriers
  • Print shipping labels
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime support

Tailored Needs?

For Automatic Scheduling & Business Rules, Custom Dashboards, Multiple Facilities or any Additional Needs, contact us for a custom enterprise solution.