Prodsmart and Sensefinity: “Internet of Things” for your factory floor

It is with great satisfaction that we announce our most recent partnership: Sensefinity logosense.

We have been looking for a while for another company acting on the same space as we do but focused on the other side of the same problem. Prodsmart’s focus has been to remove paper from the factory floor, firstly, and making life easier for workers by removing hours and hours that were lost filling in paperwork. By removing that first obstacle, the goal is then to empower production managers with real-time information so that they can do the job they were hired for – production management – and stop wasting countless hours dealing with paperwork created by everyone else.

For us, it has always been a mid-term goal to introduce in this information feedback loop other relevant data, beyond the data that we already collected from the tablets, specially the output generated by machines as well as other data that can be relevant for the production process, such as ambient temperature – a very relevant factor in the food industry.

That’s where Sensefinity comes in. Prodsmart’s technological infrastructure integrates perfectly with Sensefinity’s so that we can give you, beyond the human input data about operations in your factory that we already provide, data about your machine’s output. And to measure every and any variable that is relevant using Sensefinity’s sensors.


Prodsmart joins Sensefinity to bring “Internet of Things” technology to your factory floor. We will supply our costumers the much needed tools so that they can know everything about factory floor operations in real time. From the work people make to everything that is produced in each machine in every production line.

Everything that can be automated is detected by Sensefinity’s plethora of sensors. That data is transmitted instantly to Prodsmart’s technological infrastructure and information is made available for the production manager so that she knows how their operations are going.

This is the best way to know the whole truth about your operations in real time.

We are very pleased with this partnership and we know that it won’t be the last. We are already working in several others to complement our offer and to provide a better and more complete service to our costumers.

We’ll have more news in the following months. Stay tuned!