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A digital pulse for Manufacturers & Fabricators to track & manage the shop floor in real time.

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Top-Ranked Manufacturing Execution System



to every production process

and to every production process

Highy customizable, Prodsmart is easily adaptable to the way your shop floor operates, reducing the impact of change in your operators


Completely trackable process, from the to the final product

Get a pulse on your production with all the relevant data to help you stay updated abotu the status of all the processes.

Material Resources and

Real-time information about existing raw-materials and future needs, to aid you in planning your purchases ahead.

and Manage your

Schedule and plan your teams, machines and materials, for full capacity utilization of all your resources.


Stay on Top of Assurance and Compliance

Be audit-ready in minutes just by generating all the necessary reports.

Keep Track of your Status and Inventory

Detailed Information about your warehouse and inventory updated in real-time for better management of space and a faster fulfillment of your orders.

Fully Integrated Management

Record and manage preventive or corrective Maintenance orders and requests for a full track of maintenance operations and an easier planning of future actions.

Keep the communication with your team flowing using chat capabilities and real-time notifications and alerts.








Customizable to the production processes of your shop floor

Turn Prodsmart into your hub for data collection, management and analysis

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"Prodsmart is strengthening California's success both locally in the international market."


"This groundbreaking manufacturing execution system (MES) replaces the paper-based data collection methods and renders the ultimate truth of the shop floor.


"Assists manufacturing companies across different industry segments in improving operational efficiencies by increasing on-time delivery."


"Gartner’s Frontrunner Report for Manufacturing Software"