Prodsmart invited as moderator for the conference “Business centers of research and development” regarding Innovation Day of Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Prodsmart was invited to moderate the conference “Business centers of research and development” regarding Innovation Day of Volkswagen Autoeuropa, which took place on November 20.

The goal was to understand the junction between companies and the Scientific and Technological System and its contribution to increasing business competitiveness, and it had the presence of noteworthy people such as João Melo, Member of the Operations Leadership Council of Volkswagen Autoeuropa, Miguel Barbosa, Member of the Board of the National Innovation Agency, Pedro Neves, Director of the PhD program in Management of NOVA School of Business & Economics, Paulo Martins, inCentea Group CEO and Daniel Bessa, General Director of COTEC. On our behalf Filipe Pinho Pereira was present, expert on process optimization and Prodsmart’s Director of Operations.

An afternoon gathering to envisage the best of what Portugal has to offer in relation to car production.

Thank you for the invitation.

Check the full report here.