Prodsmart is a Leader in Gartner FrontRunner report for Manufacturing Software

Prodsmart is proud to announce that we ranked as a leader in the Gartner FrontRunners quadrant for Manufacturing software in 2018.

Gartner, the world-renowned market research agency, regularly publishes their magic quadrants analyzing the best software companies in different categories. This evaluation is Based on user feedback, reviews and ratings across Gartner Digital Markets.

Hundreds of companies were evaluated for the FrontRunners Manufacturing software category and Prodsmart was placed as one of the leading manufacturing solutions.

“We are extremely honored to be identified as one of the leading manufacturing solutions by Gartner and, most of all, by customers worldwide. This recognition is yet another stepping stone in positioning Prodsmart as trusted partners and leaders in all things manufacturing related”.

For more information on the FrontRunners Quadrant and to read the full report, click here.