Prodsmart Joins Autodesk

Today, we are thrilled to announce that Prodsmart has been acquired by Autodesk, the global leader in design and make technology.

Since our founding, Prodsmart has delivered value to manufacturers by automating and digitizing manufacturing processes in real time, optimizing those businesses from the shop floor upwards. Teaming up with Autodesk will allow us to pursue that mission with renewed vigor.

Autodesk is committed to enabling the full gamut of smart manufacturing, giving its customers the ability to work in entirely new and more productive ways. Prodsmart technology will add a critical piece to that puzzle by bringing digitization and connectivity to the shop floor with data at the center, helping manufacturers to transform their factories and set up a truly collaborative and comprehensive design-to-make workflow.

We look forward to making great progress together on our shared vision for the connected factory. Check out the Autodesk announcement of today’s news to learn more.