Product Genealogy: Visualize every information about your products

Every company sometimes experience a situation where a raw material have a defect. It is a situation when it is very important to quickly detect in which products it was used.

That’s why the Product Genealogy is important: It allows you to track the mixture of raw materials each product is made of, including raw materials, sub-products or finished products.

Basically, Product Genealogy is the recording of information related to what goes into your products, such as:

  • Material Names
  • Date and Quantity of consumption
  • Lot number of the material
  • Serial number of the product

This kind of tracking, which records the genealogy of how products and lots interact, split and merge, was the basis of our Traceability Reports feature, which is considered indispensable by all of our customers.

This feature is the easiest way to visualize the Genealogy Tree of any product: You may filter a product and see what specific batches of raw materials it has been made from, or select a batch of a raw material and see which finished products it has been used in.

Summing up, the ability to visualize this genealogy information is crucial to improving your shop floor management and productivity.

Read more about our Traceability Reports here.