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Writing a Quality Policy

One of the first things to do when implementing a Quality Management System is to write a Quality Policy for your company, a document that reflects the goals of your organization and summarizes summarises how your company is committed for excellence.

A quality policy should include your quality objectives and overall assure that your company is meeting your customer requirements, efficiently managing internal and external requirements. This information should be documented and shared with all your employees to assure that everyone is performing their tasks according to the best standards.

Is now possible to write and share your Quality Policy on Prodsmart. This new feature is a great tool to make sure that all the workers on your shop floor acknowledge the Quality information before starting a job. It also allows you to manage the versions of the document and spread the changes through all your employees – Not wasting paper.

To know more about how to write or add your Quality Policy to your Prodsmart, read the tutorial on our help center.

Here are some tips on how to write your Quality Policy:
– Make sure you understand the requirements of your customer, so you can include them on your Quality Policy.
– Gather the input from your employees before releasing the Policy, since the document aims to be understood and used by them
– Include legal requirements and/or industry best practices;
– Try to be clear when you write your Quality Policy. The content should be clear and easy to understand
– Focus also on how you will be spreading the Quality Policy – Count on Prodsmart to assure it is placed right in front of your workers, in real-time, everytime you make a change to the document.


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