QuickBooks and Prodsmart for advanced manufacturing software features

QuickBooks is an easy accounting software for businesses that are looking to stay in sync with your bank, track your expenses, pay bills, and manage invoices.
Many manufacturers use both QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop to manage their finances, and can now sync their Prodsmart data with QuickBooks Online to seamlessly manage their production, account their expenses and transform their QuickBooks KPI into meaningful insights.

Prodsmart is now one of the best ranked QuickBooks production management and tracking solutions on QuickBooks marketplace, adding the most relevant and advanced manufacturing features to the already existing accounting tools from QuickBooks.

This seamless integration simplifies both your accounting and manufacturing software needs by integrating the two solutions, without missing out on critical features to and minimizing double work. manufacturers and fabricators immediately gain greater insight, control, and process improvement for higher production efficiency.


What you can get from using Prodsmart with QuickBooks

Prodsmart offers you a flexible, paperless manufacturing execution solution on all platforms, delivering the real-time insight you need to track and manage fabricating and manufacturing shop floor production and quality. By integrating Prodsmart Manufacturing Software with your QuickBooks account, you can immediately benefit from:

  • Synchronizing data between the two platforms, such as inventory items;
  • Collecting shop floor data in real-time with Prodsmart and feed it directly into QuickBooks;
  • Managing and tracking orders from end-to-end, including during the production process;
  • Checking inventory and stocks and getting inventory summary reports from QuickBooks, right on your Prodsmart;
  • Generating advanced and updated Production and Management Reports, including data from your QuickBooks;


You can read more about our integration on the QuickBooks and Prodsmart page.

If you are already a QuickBooks user and want to know how can you benefit from this integration, contact us! We will be more than happy to help you!