Record and Manage your Maintenance Orders and Requests in real-time!

Recording and tracking every maintenance action that happens on a shop floor, as well as scheduling them whenever it is possible, is most definitely one relevant step to keep up with well-defined maintenance strategies. 


To enable our customers to record and manage preventive or corrective Maintenance Orders and Requests, as well as implement and keep full track of Maintenance Records, we have recently launched a brand new Maintenance Module.

Here is what you can now accomplish with your Prodsmart:
– Collect relevant information from every Maintenance action that is happening on a shop floor, in real-time;
– Organize and filter Maintenance history by asset, worker or type of maintenance;
– Schedule single and recurring Maintenance Orders, assigning them to specific workers;
– Assign checklists to Maintenance Orders, ensuring that whoever performs the action has access to relevant documentation and fulfills the necessary steps. 

It has never been this simple to know, in real-time, what your maintenance team is doing and where are they needed!

If you want to try these new features, contact us or sign up to start a free trial.