Thank you for this amazing 2018!

2018 was an excellent journey for Prodsmart.
Our solution has grown, and so did our team and the list of countries where we have clients.
As we approach 2019, we feel like this year represented a big leap for Prodsmart, but we are still very far from everything we want to reach. Nevertheless, we are very grateful for our achievements and our customers, who always support us and who make it possible for us to look back right now and state that 2018 was a great year!



The launch of new features, new plans, and a Factory Kit
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Our solution is now more grown and mature than ever. It made sense to roll out three different plans, making Prodsmart available for businesses with different demands, sizes, and capabilities. We have also launched a Digital Shop Floor Box, the easiest way for any manufacturer to start digitizing a production process.



Introducing new features and a brand new design

We have kept up with our product roadmap and introduced many significant new features aiming to fulfill our customer’s needs, such as Quality Policies, BoM Explosion with Raw Materials or the possibility to automatically print labels! In August we also launched a brand new design, clean and comfortable to read, to improve our user experience!



Creation of a Customer Success Team

At the beginning of the year, we undertook the mission of building a Customer Success Team, fully responsible for guiding our clients through the implementation of our solution, ensuring their happiness and success.



Prodsmart Academy

In May we have established Prodsmart Academy, a manufacturing digital library which we like to consider the Manufacturing Wikipedia, with over 50 blog posts about manufacturing subjects, from lean manufacturing tools to tips on how to write work instructions, and we keep adding new and valuable topics every week.



New Website Release

With more information about our features, our integrations and how we can leverage our customer’s businesses by giving them instant real-time visibility over their shop floor and production processes.



Launch of a referral partnership program
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This year we’ve started a partnership program, a manufacturing knowledge ecosystem where some of the best lean manufacturing consultants are working with us to help companies worldwide.



Continued growth with users in more than ten countries

In 2018 our team grew both in the US and in Europe, to keep up with our new customers all over the world and time zones.



Became Quickbooks, AWS and GSuite Partners

In 2018 we became partners of some of the biggest and most important players in the technological scope. It is now possible to integrate your Quickbooks with Prodsmart and ramp up your business by adding new advanced manufacturing features to your

Honors from the US Government

In November, Prodsmart received recognition for “positive investment in the United States, generation of new jobs and economic growth.” This was the perfect end to a year that started with a $1.5 million investment received.


“Success in any company is the result of the work and dedication of a talented team. As the CEO, I’m always very proud of our product and how we’re helping our customers to work better and understand their shop floor, but this wouldn’t be possible without the talented team that works every day to make Prodsmart a reality. The whole team is the star for this year in review. Thank you” [Gonçalo Fortes, CEO]

On behalf of Prodsmart team,
Thank you for this amazing 2018!
We wish you an even more productive 2019!