The benefits of Sales Order digital management

A sales order is a document generated by a company upon receiving a Purchase Order from a buyer. It specifies the most relevant details about the product or service along with price, quantity, shipping address, billing address and other relevant information for delivery.

Usually, a Sales Order follows some general steps:

  • The seller sends a quote to the customer
  • When accepted, the customer sends a purchase order to the seller
  • The seller creates a sales order based on the purchase order

The customer may request for exact details of the products, such as terms and delivery dates. To be able to give reliable and updated feedback, it is necessary to have full visibility into the Production Process.


Benefits of Sales Order digital management

Save time
By digitally managing your Sales Orders, you will be able to easily create a Production Order with all the important details from the SO.

Real-time tracking
After assigning a Production Order to the received Sales Order, it is possible to track in real-time it’s status, anticipating eventual problems or delays.

Updated status
Our real-time production management solution gives you the status of every moment of every Sales Order. You can easily share it with your customer to update him on his own order, which is usually something that customers value a lot.

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