The digital shop floor Box


Frequently Asked Questions

The Digital shop floor box includes hardware and software to allow shop floor owners to immediately start controlling their shop floor.
1. Prodsmart 12 month subscription
2. Ready-to-use functionalities: Planning, production, quality, maintenance and production costs
3. Important reports: Productivity analysis, deviations, quality and other relevant informations to help you manage your business effectively.
4. iPad to immediately start using Prodsmart
5. Ten IIoT buttons, to start registering your production
6. Codebar or RFID scanner to help you introduce your data
7. Pencil to easily register your production in your mobile device
8. Change Manual management gathering a set of suggestions to manage the implementation of Prodsmart, because we know that introducing new processes must be done carefully.
9. Stickers to use in your shop floor.
10. A communication channel in real time with an online support team
Our team will contact you in order to schedule a meeting to kick off the implementation of Prodsmart in your shop floor.
The box can be sent to any country but the price can vary. Contact us for more information.
The Digital shop floor box includes a set of devices which allow you to immediately use the solution. However, the number of devices, whether they are tablets, smartphones, barcode scanners, can increase according to your needs.

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