The Use of Six Sigma and Production Software To Create Synergy

Reducing Defects and Increasing Efficiency With The Right Production Software

It is drummed into every Six Sigma expert that defects need to be brought to near zero or zero. We spend years studying project management techniques and looking for upgrades to increase our output and reduce defects. While there is a large body of knowledge on these topics, rarely is production software mentioned. Project managers often fail to give any thought to the software that creates the data they use to make crucial decisions. We take for granted that our most important tool produces true and accurate findings, but should we? I think not. Looking down the manufacturing line, we can easily pass over bottlenecks or work process flows that fail if these aren’t brought to our attention.


The Right Production Software

Software could identify these bottlenecks or other problems with the right setup. Normally lean managers take for granted that the current setup is the ONLY setup for evaluation. Changing the monitoring for the production line, and seeing that work instructions are being followed are often an afterthought. The reality is that this should be a first thought. We need to ask questions like why hasn’t the current line met its goals and drastically reduced waste and defects? Where is quality being monitored, and why? If new sensors are used, how effective will they be and what will the results be? The right fit for the job is the difference between zero defects and low or no waste.


What Managers Need

Managers need a reliable program with a good track record and monitoring capabilities. It needs to be able to integrate with sensors, mobile equipment, and save time and money. It needs to be able to comply with legal requirements and be paperless to reduce costs. Lean manufacturing means cost efficiency in everything you do. Your monitoring tool MUST work with the equipment you already have to save on implementation and monitoring costs. Tools like Prodsmart allow you to do just this. An easy-to-integrate product like this one fits into your existing infrastructure with minimal effort. It is just what you are looking for to provide better information and data on your production line. Without the right production software, you aren’t working toward a Six Sigma standard, you are working in the dark. You need to get the best production management tools you can have, you need to get