Why your company needs digital announcements

Communication with employees is one of the most important aspects of an organization when it comes to human resources management. There is always new information that you need to share and especially as the company grows, it becomes harder to keep everyone updated.
Manufacturing businesses have an even harder challenge when it comes to internal communication due to different work locations and inaccessibility to technology, which makes it almost impossible to take advantage of new and powerful tools like e-mail.

Digitization of a manufacturing business is usually related to collecting data with mobile devices, analyzing data in real-time, and having as much information as possible in your hands. But shouldn’t this digitization expand to internal communication?

We state that yes, internal digital communication is a key element to any company’s success.

Why it helps:

    • You can create and manage your content from your own computer
    • Content can be displayed automatically and in real-time
    • Saves time and money
    • Simplifies coordination between different teams who need to publish announcements, like Human Resources and
    • Administration, for instance
    • Creates an efficient internal network
    • You have full control over the expiration date

When to use digital announcements

To share important information
It is important to take care of the basics and announce important and mandatory issues, like holidays, bank holidays, changes in shifts or any kind of new management procedure you want to implement.

One of the best things about digital communications is that you can do as successful television networks do and tailor content to the audience and their needs. Consider a digital screen in a warehouse – a message welcomes the morning shift to work and reminds them to finish their safety training by the deadline could precede a message from HR about the changes to the benefits plan. The company can also push personalized information about the orders for the day and key statistics from the previous shift to an employee’s phones or a display in the area.

Digital signage in the locker room could thank the departing shift for their work, showcase key stats from their shift, and provide real-time updates on weather and traffic for their drive home.

The best part: the new possibilities of digital communication can reach the tech-oriented Generation Y more efficiently.

To engage your team

Employee engagement isn’t always easy to define, but you (and your team members) know it when you see it. Studies by the Dale Carnegie Institute have found that there are three key influences on employee engagement in the workplace:
Employee relationships with the immediate supervisor;
Confidence in senior leadership;
Pride in working for the organization.

For employee recognition

A terrific use for digital communications and devices like digital signage is employee recognition. Content could include coverage of formal awards people have earned, or even information from the company social network. Giving employees a way to submit positive information about their peers helps maintain a positive work environment, and when employee achievements are tied in with brand philosophy, both are amplified.

Employees may consider applying for other positions within the company at some point in their careers and may hover over employee bulletin boards that post information about open positions. You may collaborate with human resources to keep the bulletin board current with job announcements and important company policies. Fliers announcing training workshops and benefits updates should also be placed prominently on such a bulletin board.

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