Use the Data to Find your best performers

One of the most important aspects of manufacturing is having the right people in supervisory and lead hand positions. Your leadership team should be both liked and respected, and make workers feel they are a vital part of the company’s success.

They must also set an example- one of dedication to the work at hand and a desire to do their jobs well and efficiently. A motivated and conscientious worker would be perfect for a supervisory role in your company. But before you can approach them, you need to know who they are. Fortunately, Prodsmart can help you find these people.

Compare Performance Data

Every employee leaves their signature in the work that they do. By looking at the various sources of information Prodsmart provides, it becomes evident who is doing what, and which individuals truly stand out. The data also shows areas where some individuals or departments may need further training or assistance.

Places where some individuals or teams may stand out:

  • Overall attendance (tracked through an integrated punch clock)
  • Higher production numbers and consistent attendance at workstations
  • Consistency in meeting quotas and deadlines
  • Fewer breakdowns and the regular performance of scheduled maintenance
  • Having lower wastage and scrap counts than expected

Looking at data points relating to an individual will give a clear indication of that worker’s performance, especially in relation to other workers.

A Valuable Tool

Data from multiple sources can be collected and analyzed simultaneously. Reports can be generated in real-time as work progresses and analyzed later as historical data. Workers can be tracked individually or as a team. Custom parameters can be set, and multiple streams of data can be cross-referenced. Not only will individuals stand out, but trends will emerge.

This knowledge is a valuable tool. Among the many things it can help with are:

  • Identifying candidates for promotions or productivity rewards
  • Setting up a benchmark incentive system to motivate workers
  • Setting realistic quotas
  • Selecting the best-suited people for overtime shifts or special operations
  • Providing accurate information for performance reviews

This stream of real-time data also opens another line of communication within your company. The mobile app helps you meet your employee’s needs, with Team Chat, detailed instructions, and special alerts. Information and updates can flow back and forth as needed. Once in place, Prodsmart quickly provides you with a much clearer picture of your workforce.

Sign up for free, download the app, and wade into the data pool today!