What is MTM and how can Prodsmart help you?

In today’s world, companies survive by maintaining and increasing their competitiveness. Comprehensive data and time management linked throughout every level of a company’s operation in a beneficial productivity tool.

Methods-Time Measurement (MTM), is a motion time system used in an industrial setting. MTM analyzes the methods used to perform any manual operation or task and, as a product of that analysis, sets the requirement to perform a specific task.
MTM was developed in the US in 1948 and currently there are several approaches to the methodology: MTM-1, MTM-2, MTM-UAS, MTM-MEK and MTM-B.

MTM has been used as an analytical tool for directly analyzing manual work processes and for developing standardized building blocks from the MTM basic system (MTM-1). It works as a uniform standard for businesses to describe and quantify manual work processes.

The unit in which movements are measured for MTM is TMU (time measurement unit): 1 TMU = 36 milliseconds ; 1 hour = 100,000 TMU
1 TMU = 0.036 second depending on length one TMU=0.032

MTM also supports the design of work processes (business processes) through describing, structuring, planning and analyzing times.

For manufacturing companies, “First Time Right” is a good rule to live by, since it means more productive and effective processes and less waste. Manufacturing Software like Prodsmart can be beneficial in reaching this goal. By providing real-time production reports, it’s possible to measure and analyze the time your company is spending on each operation.

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