What makes Prodsmart a User-Friendly Manufacturing Software?

Good usability, successful adoption, efficient and user-friendliness are words that we usually hear when looking for software.

Here is a list of 6 characteristics that makes us consider Prodsmart as a user-friendly manufacturing software. Considering these aspects, you will be able to evaluate other software that your company might be using:

1. Simple to install or implement
Prodsmart is very easy to implement, taking no more than a few minutes. Try for yourself, by signing up and starting to use our solution in minutes.
Since installation is the first contact between software and its users, it must be a friendly and well-documented process. Otherwise, people will get a frightening first impression or even fail the installation and look for an easier solution.
Prodsmart is easy to install on any OS and works perfectly on any device.

2. Intuitive and easy-to-navigate
Ease of use is a major benefit from a software. If the Graphical User Interface is well executed, people will easily navigate through the application and will have a pleasant user experience. An appealing and easy-to-use software also helps companies to successfully manage change. By using a simple color scheme, Prodsmart makes it very simple to navigate, register, or visualize information.

3. Efficient and effective
The new software must be efficient. It must help users with completing their tasksbetter and faster than before, instead of adding complexity to the process. Being optimized for seamless interaction with existing systems is a plus. Our integrations with ERPs and other software, such as Quickbooks, SAGE and Xero, reduce the effort and time spent on having updated information.

4. Real-time support
If something goes wrong with the software or if the customer needs any kind of help, it’s important that he can contact the support to get help and to resolve the issue. The more direct and faster this channel is, the better.
That is why we have a direct chat on our application, allowing our users to get in touch with our team.

5. Effective constant evolution
If one of the customers find an error, what happens? Ideally, the developers should know about the error and try to solve it, constantly improving the solution. Whenever they are in presence of a software bug, our users usually report it through our support chat. After the bug is fixed they are connected back, learning not only that our development team is paying attention to their feedback but also that they are working on supplying a constantly evolving solution.
By having a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to building software that is updated and meets the industry benchmarks, users can also be sure that they are always compliant.

6. Easy to update or auto-updates
The update process should be easy, if not automatic, to ensure that users continue to benefit from the best version of the software.
Whenever we update our solution, it automatically becomes available to our customers. When we add a new and important feature, we usually send an e-mail or message to our users, notifying them about it, always with a small and simple tutorial on how to use it.

If you are interested in confirming that Prodsmart is really a user-friendly solution, sign up now and start collecting your production on your smartphone in less than 5 minutes.