A Flexible MES Built to be Remote

Prodsmart was built to be remote.
Supported in Kaizen / Lean Methodologies, Prodsmart is more than a tool: It is your solution to a well-oiled and fully trackable production process, it is part of your team.
From day one, the future has been our guideline to design our product and processes, from sales to implementation and customer support.
At Prodsmart, remote is not an alternative, is not an adaptation to fit the current world.
It is the Prodsmart way: It is how we do it, it is how we have grown from one to +100 customers and +10000 daily users.

Our Methodology?

The old way: Usually the Definition phase starts with one or more on-site meetings and visits, when the software consultant will have a tour around the shop floor and production lines. During these visits, the implementation consultant will get the full picture of the productive process, clarify the entire workflow and understand the necessary requirements.

Prodsmart's way: Designed to ensure the best and more complete remote implementation experience, our process takes advantage of all the technological tools available to promote discussion and engagement between our team and our customer’s team. From shop floor tours using a mobile device, to video conferences or whiteboards, our definition phase fully replaces an on-site visit. The fact that the meetings happen remotely, allow both teams to better adjust their schedules and working hours, contributing to an overall leaner management.
Considering our experience of +100 remote implementations, we also offer some recommendations of best practices regarding team management and communication, which we have found to be effective in the success of a remote implementation.

The old way: Usually, the implementation phase happens mostly off-site, including some visits and presential meetings to review the status and deliverables of the project. In a traditional company, this phase might go over months until the software is fully according to the productive process of the company and the workers can start collecting information from the shop floor.

Prodsmart's way: Videocalls, whiteboards and shared documentation are key to the success of this second Phase of our roll-out plan. We have periodical meetings, according to the complexity and needs of the project.
During the first weeks, Prodsmart will be fully adjusted to the company and shop floor workers will be able to start collecting data. Integrations, such as connection with ERP or other software or machines already in use, will also be handled remotely with the support of our team.
Build to be remote, our implementation plan has clearly defined outputs and deliverables and calendars, to ensure that everyone is aware of what is happening in the project.

The old way: Usually this phase includes on-site final tests of the platform and equipments. After assuring that everything is running smoothly, the shop floor team starts collecting data on the software.

Prodsmart's way: At Prodsmart, both the tests and the data collection start to happen during the implementation phase. It is a gradual and steady process that allow our global implementation to be faster and leaner.
Since the beginning of Prodsmart, there have only been remote kick-offs! And it works!

The old way: Usually Software vendors promote a fourth and final phase of the process, with on-site training sessions to everyone that will be working with the software. Sometimes, those sessions are even paid separately from the software licensing.

Prodsmart's way: At Prodsmart this is not only a fourth phase, with well-planned training sessions adjusted to each audience and needs. It is embedded in our entire process: When we help our customer to detect inefficiencies in their processes, when we ask them to define the team leaders for the implementation, when we involve them in every step of the process turning them into Prodsmart agents and when we engage with them via chat or other real-time support tools.
Our Customer Success Managers take advantage of technology to collaborate with our customers, leveraging the continuous improvement of their processes and ensuring the Return of the Investment made in Prodsmart.

Prodsmart connects machines,
people and processes.

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