Go paperless on your shop floor by easily replicating your processes as they are on your manufacturing software. We get any production environment ready for the future of manufacturing.

We believe that the best way to get started is where you’re at today, and your most pressing issue or use case – because you can’t afford to wait for months until a consultant has developed the perfect model. We start solving problems from day one, and build a digital roadmap that works for you and grows with your business.

Stay competitive and...

  • Reduce waste and scrap
  • Improve processes
  • Eliminate bottlenecks
  • Improve productivity
  • Support lean initiatives
  • “Right-size” resources
  • Cost orders accurately
  • Build business insight
  • Make decisions based on data

Prodsmart is a full manufacturing solution that you can use in a modular way.
Add new capabilities as you’re moving along in your digital journey. And rest assured, everything has been built to work together.

Get all the benefits of a cloud-based SaaS tool: cost control, security, scalability, and automatic updates with the latest releases and features

with oodles of time to research the market, run proof-of-concepts, and spend the better part of a year implementing a new solution
We believe in starting where you’re at and pragmatically fixing your most urgent issue – in days and weeks, not months and years.

(though you probably do know that you have to)
We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses like yours and poured all of our experience into a solution and methodology that’s built on best practice and works for all levels of digital maturity.

Prodsmart’s manufacturing experts are there to help avoid the pitfalls of change management.

In a data-driven, automated, customer-is-king world, businesses need to adapt or face losing out – on customers, profits, and talent.
We believe in making digital transformation accessible to any business, no matter how small. We’re there for you along the way and will gladly help with our tech, expertise, methodology, and roadmaps.

Share the necessary information and work instructions to empower teams to be knowledgeable top-performers.

Information security and confidentiality are a cornerstone of Prodsmart and one of top priorities for our team, who keep up with the highest standards and best practices.

Production floor tracking and management on mobile

Production and are always up to date.

gain a better context of their workand productivity.

See Prodsmart in Action

Customizable to the production processes of your shop floor