Why you need a file attachment feature!

As important as creating comprehensive and easy to understand documentation, such as work instructions or setup manuals for machines, is to deliver them where they are needed: On your shop floor, where your workers need to get a clear overview about your processes.
This is especially hard when dealing with multiple sites or plants, different products or machines, or changing setups.

With Prodsmart is now possible to attach files (jpg, pdf, txt…) to a specific:
– Machine
– Operation
– Product
– Production Order

When can this feature be useful?

Every time you need to roll out information across your workforce.
It is usually relevant information, which took you a lot of time and effort to collect.
We can think of some situations in your daily routine which might benefit from useful information easily accessible:
– When there is a detailed description of the customer’s order;
– When you have specific work instructions for an operation;
– Setup instructions for machines;
– Best practices for your production processes

To learn how to use this feature, please read the article on our help center. Sign up now to try for free.